Research Workshop in CR Geometry

June 24, 2024 to July 5, 2024

CR Geometry is a vibrant area of global research that is at the intersection of many disciplines of mathematics such as complex analysis, PDEs, differential/algebraic geometry, symplectic geometry, and even mathematical physics! This event aims to invigorate research activity in CR geometry and more generally in several complex variables. The workshop mini courses by Jiri Lebl and Purvi Gupta will be an in-depth survey of topics of current research in CR geometry, beginning from the basics and leading up to cutting edge research problems. Talks on the most recent research in SCV will provide an opportunity for critical discussions on these topics and motivate future research ideas. The poster presentation session offers a platform for young researchers to showcase their work and gain valuable inputs from more experienced folks. We hope that this event leads to new research activity and increased collaboration.

Mini Course Speakers

Jiri Lebl

(Title & Abstract TBA)

Purvi Gupta

(Title & Abstract TBA)

Invited Speakers

Aakanksha Jain

Amar Deep Sarkar

Annapurna Banik

Anwoy Maitra

Diganta Borah

Gautam Bharali

Jiju Mammen

Mayuresh Londhe

Ravi Shankar Jaiswal

Sahil Gehlawat

Sanjoy Chatterjee

Suprokash Hazra

Vikramjeet Singh Chandel

Schedule (TBA)

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Organizers: Sivaguru, TIFR CAM ( & Sushil Gorai, IISER Kolkata (